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NAQI Silicon Touch 15 ml

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  • An occlusive treatment for small scars which decreases the Transepidermal Water Loss and improves the appearance and discoloration of scars.
  • Comfortable and easier to use than the traditional silicone gel sheets.

Solution NAQI® Silicon Touch Gel:

  • Leaves a non-greasy and invisible protective film on the skin.
  • Reduces small scars (less than 5 cm long) illustrated in the literature below.
  • Reduces discoloration associated with scars. 
  • Ideal for facial scar treatment and small post surgical/linear scars.
  • May be used under cosmetics.
  • Indicated in the management of keloid and hypertrophic scars.


  • Apply 3-4 times/day on the newly epithelialized wound.
  • See the NAQI Scar Massage and Micro-mobilisation techniques to increase the efficiency of the treatment.

Packaging: 15 ml