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Why Nalcohealth Electric Heat Pack Versus Other Types?

Posted by Nigel Chua on

So I've listed my recommended electric heat pack here, and there are many health benefits and applications of it, including:

  • easing physical pains such as back pains, hand pains, foot pains etc
  • providing relief of cold hands, cold feet, cold body in cold homes and offices
  • helping gamers keep their hands dry and warm
  • helping individuals nap and sleep better
  • more details on electric heat pack health benefits and applications here

This article will cover more on why I recommend my electrical heat pack compared to others (pros and cons) - the full article on my electrical heat pack can be found here, and here are its pros and cons:

Pros of my electrical heat pack

  1. It's really convenient because it's electric-powered and ongoing heat:

    Once you plug it in to the power point, you have 3 options on the remote: 0 (no heat, not switched on); 1 (medium heat) and 2 (high heat). Once you plug it in and switch the power to 1 or 2, the heat will always be on - you don't need to keep heating it up (eg for microwave heat packs and hot water bottles, the heat isn't constant - there may be pockets of hot spots; and the heat will dissipate.

    You will keep having to reheat the heat packs again and again; the disposable use-once-only tend to last 1-2 hours max.)

  2. Heat is balanced and spread out evenly.

    This is due to its thin and spread out heat coils that is evenly throughout my electrical heat pack.

    Compared to microwaveable hot packs, there can be bubbles or heat spots that will almost always burn users and/or cause the heat pack to spoil (the heat spots burn through the material/cause glue to dissolve).

  3. Heat is always consistent.

    Because of #1, as well as being powered by electricity and two internal thermostats, the heat is always consistent - it will not lose heat over time like how all hot water bottles, microwaveable heat packs, single-use heat packs etc.

    And also equally important, it is designed not to overheat/go above its heat points for safety precautions.

  4. Two levels of heat - medium and high, at your control with a wired remote.

    You can choose high heat used in colder weather or for shorter sessions; or medium heat that can be used for longer sessions such as naps or even to sleep (please note with precaution eg adding additional layer of towel for safety) and it's consistent (see #3 above) and balanced out (see #2).

  5. Reusable and durable.

    In my hand therapy clinic, I use two electrical heat packs at a go as a heat sandwich (patients hand in middle, with one electrical heat pack above and one beneath) - I can easily use and re-use the same two electrical heat packs for 12 months or longer.

    This is based on very heavy use: the electrical heat packs are switched on for at least 8 hour a day, six days a week = 2496 hours (professional and personal use).

  6. Flexible and multiple/different use.

    If you refer to my electrical heat pack benefits page, and you'd see that even though I and other of my therapy colleagues used them primarily to provide comfort and ease for physical pains and injuries (such as back pain, hand pain, elbow pain, thigh pain, foot pain etc), yet we've been told by patients who love to use our electrical heat packs to keep their hands/feet/body warm in cold offices, or ease stomach cramps during menstruation, and even to keeping their food warm! More details in the electrical heat pack benefits page.

  7. Cover is removable and washable.

    This is important for hygiene and cleanliness. I often use the electrical heat pack with a layer of towel for protection and hygiene (towels can be replaced easily), and the cloth cover is removable for washing, and the inside piece can be wiped with a damp cloth.

  8. Thin (less than 0.5 cm thick) and light (513 grams).

    This makes it easy to travel with and packed away...and easy to sleep on, easy to place and lean against to my back as I sit to read or do work.

    Because it's light, it decreases the risk of burns (heavy heat packs can concentrate heat to bony prominences/pressure points).

  9. Flexible/Conforms easily.

    You can easily wrap it around your hands (I prefer the sandwich method of one electrical heat pack above and one below), wrap around your stomach when you're cold or if you have stomach cramps, wrap around your thighs, draped on your feet.

  10. It's dry heat.

    There are two types of heat generally, dry heat and moist heat. Dry heat is drying, so you may need to drink more water, unless you use it to dry moist/sweaty hands and fingers, or you perspire a lot anyway.

    I like dry heat cos in Asia (Singapore), it's so moist already so dry heat isn't a problem - I actually like it. Dry heat is also generally less issues as moisture can cause/lead to other issues such as mold growth etc.

Cons of my electrical heat pack

It's not just pros to the electrical heat pack I sell, there are some cons too:

  1. It's NOT mobile.

    The electrical heat pack is powered by electricity, so you'd be confined to a very fixed location where there is a powerpoint - your office desk/chair, your bed, your couch.

    (You can extend your reach with a extension cable/plug, but you're still restricted as you need a powerpoint for it). So if you need to be on the go (ie walking/driving/etc), this electrical heat pack will be a little restrictive for you =(

  2. EU plug.

    Related to point #1, my electrical heat pack is EU plug, so if your country doesn't support EU plugs, means you cannot use it =(

    I daren't advise on using converters and things like that because I am not an electrical engineer or electrician, and it's beyond my ability to advise on that.

  3. Ongoing heat.

    This is point #4 of pros, but I want to bring this up as a potential cons as well. I love its function of ongoing heat, because it's so much more convenient

    (I would hate going to the microwave again and again and again to keep reheating up microwaveable heat packs, cant imagine doing that in the middle of the night), but there are precautions to consider - because it's ongoing and comfortable, one may forget that it's switched on and it may cause burns if precautions aren't taken (need to put additional layer of towel for non-direct skin contact).

    If in doubt, always use at medium heat (Level 1 on remote) and/or with at least 1 layer of towel between electric heat pack and skin.

  4. It's dry heat.

    There are two types of heat generally, dry heat and moist heat. Dry heat is drying, so you may need to drink more water, unless you use it to dry moist/sweaty hands and fingers, or you perspire a lot anyway. I like dry heat cos in Asia (Singapore), it's so moist already so dry heat isn't a problem - I actually like it.

  5. Safety precautions that one need to be mindful of to use our electrical heat packs safely.
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