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Essential Oil Therapy Massage Techniques

Posted by Nigel Chua on

In general the areas are treated by three different Massage Techniques, each having their own special effects.

Swedish Massage

  • For circulation, lymphatic drainage and oil absorption
  • Euffeurage and kneading movements are the most effective

Neuro-muscular Massage

  • For beneficial effect on muscles and nerve pathways
  • Finger and thumb pressure or kneadings are used and are found to be the most effective

Shiatsu Massage

For beneficial effects on the energy pathways of the body, either by relieving built up tensions and blocked-up energy, or by revitalising pathways deficient in energy.

  • The movements use are stroking movements to the energy pathways or meridians and pressure movements to the tsubo or pressure points along the meridians.
  • Movements for all three types of massage ar given two to three times. Pressure must be moderate to light when working with thumbs and fingers
  • If pain is elicited, it must be noted, and unless it is a pain which is mild and seems to ease with massage, do not continue to work with any depth on that area
  • If the patient is in a Ying condition (passive debilitated) stroke with the Meridian flow
  • If the patient is in a Yang condition (over-excitable, tense, irritable) stroke against the meridian flow
  • Tsubo on the back must be pressed during exhalation of the lungs to approximately 5-7 seconds count and on other areas approximately 3-5 counts
  • Stroke slowly in Yin conditions, and press Tsubo slowly in Yin conditions. Stroke quickly in Yang conditions and release pressure quicky from Tsubo point in Yang conditions

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